Social Media Marketing

VPbyDesign encourage businesses to reach out beyond static webpages and information with the ability to gain website traffic and exposure through the means of social media sites such as twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.  Our services included creating content that will attract attention and encourage readers to respond and share your information through the various social networks resulting in an electronic word of mouth.  This ultimately secures your brand and increases your company's visibility.



Social Media



SEO/SEM Management

SEO/SEM is an important form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of our client's website by increasing their visibility on search engine pages such as Google and Bing.  VPbyDesign will optimize our client's search engine, by adjusting or rewriting content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance our client's listings.






Web Design/Development

VPbyDesign has the resources to take a clients vision and incorporate their needs from initial design to logo development straight to content management applications.  We offer services of all aspects of web design for websites of all sizes ranging from single page websites, blogs and small business websites and through to full scale enterprises websites.






Content Marketing

VPbyDesign blogging services provides tips, articles and resources specific to your business and/or services to help the growth and success of your online presence and services provided by your business.






Graphic Design

VPbyDesign creates a solid brand by designing strategic graphics for our clients that will help create or revitalize a brand that is specific to the business.





Virtual Office Assistance

With VPbyDesign your communication is handled efficiently through email, telephone, fax, overnight mail and online. We have the expertise and commitment to offer our clients a solution to their administrative needs that are effective and and within budget that will make your overhead more manageable.



Virtual Assistant



VPbyDesign offers a number of domain and hosting packages. Click the button below to view packages in detail.